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Ever thought to yourself, “After the next sale, I can finally take it easy.”? Only to end up sacrificing more time chasing it than it’s worth.

Instead of waiting on “the one,” what you need is a new way to leverage your business!

In this book, you’ll find the amazing way elite real estate agents are breaking free from the real estate industry’s old restrictions. How they’re letting go of the tired old routine... Chase leads, book open houses, rip out your hair, repeat, then maybe get the sale.

And are making more money than ever!

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This book discloses unheard of secrets any agent can use to:

  • Content Frameworks That Attract Hordes Of Buyers Naturally
  • A Formula For Stories That People Can’t Stop Reading
  • Proven Methods For Consistent Compelling Content That Sells Products
the semi retire real estate agent book by brandon devere

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Everyone gets into real estate with one goal...

We all want the big money and freedom the rockstar real estate agents have. That’s what gets most agents into the game, to begin with. At first, the hustle it takes to get there fuels you. Chase the lead, show the house, make the sale! When you’re young, you’re invincible, and you can do this forever.

Then as time goes by, life changes. You get married, have kids, and create the life that you want to live. And one day, you realize how much you sacrificed for that small amount of success.

But it’s ok because after this next lead, the next sale, you can finally take a break…

Famous last words…

All those long hours and late showings weren’t just an investment in your business. They were your child’s first steps, their baseball games, cookouts with your family, vacations you’ll never get to take… They were moments that meant the world to your family. Moments you’ll never get back.

Because you were stuck in an open house...

That’s the problem with the real estate business. You’re working for a commission, working towards the big sale. Meanwhile, living paycheck to paycheck, having to sell a certain number of houses every year to maintain your family’s quality of life.

At some point, you have to ask yourself, “Do I really want to be doing this at 60?” Which leaves you with a choice. Start your own brokerage, get into property management, or just become part-time.

Face it, most of us don’t want to get into property management, and no one wants to be a part-time agent. So brokerage it is… But this creates a whole new list of problems. It’s a huge risk. At minimum 48% of every 86,000 brokerages fail!

If you are one of the ones lucky enough to make it, all of your income relies entirely on your agents. Which means you’re reliant on someone else to make your money for you. So, if your best agent quits they take your entire income with them. Leaving you back at square one and back on the grind again.

Does that sound like freedom?

It took me a little while to realize it. I hated gambling on the next sale, living paycheck to paycheck. I needed to find a way to leverage my business differently. I searched for a way to make my income more reliable without spending my life in open houses.

And this is what I found…

the semi retire real estate agent book by brandon devere

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My name is Brandon DeVere.

I’m a hookah boy turned real estate agent.

Like you, I’ve spent years building my real estate business. I jumped from brokerage to brokerage, lured by “we got” promises. They promised leads, tools, training...

But all I was learning was to think like a real estate agent, following the old guidelines. As you know, if you don’t have leads in your pipeline, you aren’t making money. I wouldn’t be able to pay bills or buy food, leaving my family out in the cold and hungry.

I wasn’t going to let that happen!

Little did I know what that would mean. I would spend so much time in the hustle I wouldn’t have time for life. All-day, every day was calls, chasing leads, and open houses. Just to get the sales I needed to give my family the life they deserved.

As you can imagine, this was a ton of work that left me with no free time and no life. Which meant having to let my family down a lot. Instead of being at kids’ games, barbeques, and family events, I was at open houses.

It felt like I was sacrificing more than I was getting in return.

I even spent an entire vacation on the phone putting out fires, following up with leads and checking emails. While my family was enjoying the vacation, I was buried in my phone and missed it all.

I knew I needed a different approach. I realized that the problem was I was thinking like a real estate agent. I needed to think like a business owner or entrepreneur if I ever wanted to be successful or take an actual vacation.

I needed to change my thinking!

But even then, there was no real exit strategy. The only options were to move onto property management, which I wasn’t interested in. Or start your own brokerage, which is extremely expensive and is so risky it’s a gamble. So I wasn’t sure what path to take. The only thing I was certain of was I didn’t want to be holding open houses when I'm 60.

So, despite the risk, I started researching into buying my first brokerage. Then a friend of mine bought one, the owner was so ready to get rid of it they only charged him $10. I was shocked! But I soon figured out why…

I put all the lessons I learned from this $10 brokerage in my book. And I want to give you a free copy. All you have to do is cover shipping.

the semi retire real estate agent book by brandon devere

I want to send you a copy of this new book FOR FREE! You only have to cover the shipping.

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What Are Others Already Saying About 'The Semi-Retired Real Estate Agent Book?'

-Wayne Sutton

"The Semi-retired Real Estate Agent". This book is a must-have for new and seasoned Realtors alike, it will open your eyes to a better way of doing business. EVERYONE needs to have this new perspective. I highly recommend and will share it with every agent I meet."- Kimberly Thurman

Is This For You?…

The truth is, not everyone can live a Semi-Retired life. This book isn’t for everyone.

If you don’t like making more money, hate being home with your family, and can’t stand vacationsThen this lifestyle isn’t for you.

But if you’re a real estate agent that is:

  • Already Licensed
  • Established At A Brokerage
  • Have Successfully Sold Homes
  • Making A Living As A Real Estate Agent
  • Looking For More Free Time Without Giving Up Income
  • Ready For The Life That Attracted You To Real Estate In The First Place

Then the information in this book will inspire you to rethink your current business. It will challenge you to redefine your career. By showing you the method that allowed myself and thousands of agents to make more money, more consistently. By simply leveraging our present businesses in a way that put them lightyears ahead of everyone else.

So you can do the same!

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the semi retire real estate agent book by brandon devere

I Guarantee This Will Change How You See Real Estate!

I’m so sure that you’re going to love this book that I’m offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If my book doesn’t help you. If it doesn’t, at least inspire you to change the way you see your business, or challenge your thoughts on your current business model… Just let me know, and I’ll refund the shipping cost 100%, no questions asked.

So If You’re Ready To…

  • Create MORE Income By Leveraging Your Business
  • Have More Time For Your Family
  • Change The Way You See The Real Estate Industry FOREVER!

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And much more from one of my personal mentors.

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